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The Healing Warriors

We are Eve and Angel. We are intuitive energy workers with different psychic abilities. We met in the summer of 2023 and soon found out we have worked together for many past lives and we are soul family, where Eve is the spirit mother of Angel. We are both working on the same light mission to help humanity and earth to heal and ascend.

Since we met, Eve has been teaching and guiding Angel, and we have been working closely together. We are opposites and still very similar.

Where Eve has a strong connection to the divine, angelic energies, light energies, feminine energies, healing and creation, Angel has a strong connection with mother earth, earth energies, plants, masculine energies, releasing and destruction, We are like yin and yang: the light and dark. We complement each other and together we make the perfect team.

The work we do is cannot be placed under the umbrella of any of the known energy work methods, because it is so much more than that. We work from remembering and having a strong connection to source, this work is not learned in a training. We are divine channels on earth to assist and help others with the work we do. We are led and guided in the work we need to do to best serve our mission.

We do this in group energy activations and healing retreats. We help you release what does not serve you and heal what needs to be healed. We communicate with your spirit and guides about the work that needs to be done to help you evolve.  

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